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What I Do

I have done a bunch of marketing work, continue to do a bunch of marketing work, and will occasionally take on consulting clients for the right projects. I also currently work for a top Fortune 100 healthcare company.

Types of projects I work on:

  • Writing and managing marketing email campaigns
  • Writing articles for various sites and blogs
  • Managing entire email and print newsletters
  • Managing content for social media
  • Building and designing websites
  • Writing sales copy for landing pages and sales letters
  • Writing and designing ad campaigns and stand-alone ads
  • Writing and pitching press releases to the media
  • Ghostwriting for several other projects


Examples of Marketing Work, Including Newsletter Articles, Ads, Direct Mail, Websites & Social Media from freelance clients and past positions.

"John served not only as a useful individual asset to our company, but also as a cooperative and attentive team player, his actions were always positive and cooperative. He has my highest recommendation."
Dan Yamin
Founder and CEO
"Great professional if you are looking for a seasoned sales and marketing expert for your organization. I would highly recommend John Peters."
Brian Grimmick
Business Development Manager

Contact Me

Inquiries concerning my availability for marketing projects and consulting opportunities should be directed to the email below.

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