Who Are Your Customers?

And What Do They Do?

Sounds like a bunch of questions from Schwarzenegger's Kindergarten Cop

But as silly as they sound, they're actually mission critical.

The problem is not a lot of businesses know the answers

And not a lot of marketers even bother to ask the question.

What You DON'T Need

You don't need to redesign your website for the zillionth time.

You don't need to figure out Facebook ads.

You don't need to start getting followers on Instagram.

You don't need to spam LinkedIn. No one will read your article anyways.

The very first thing you need to do.

Is figure out who you're even trying to reach in the first place.

Once that's crystal clear, developing a solid message is MUCH easier.

If your business doesn't have a newsletter,
Your customers will pay attention to someone ELSE

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