It turns out President “Hyperbole” is the commander in direct response

I was reading Howard Stern’s latest book, Howard Comes Again, when I recently realized something.

But first, let me give a brief overview. The book is all about Howard’s favorite celebrity interviews during his career and what he’s learned from them.

And a quick side-note: This book is a great gift idea to anyone you know who listens to Howard.

I’m the slowest reader in the entire world. I was given this book in March and I’m just wrapping this up in December.

But anyways. Onward.

One of Howard’s regular guests in the book is Donald Trump, and every couple of chapters, there are sections titled, ‘And Now a Word from our President’, which dive into one of the several interviews Howard had with Trump over the years.

And after about 400 pages in, I recently realized Trump speaks as if he’s reading sales copy.

Here’s a snippet…

Howard: I know that’s your real hair. When I was on (Some other guy’s) helicopter, I saw him walk up to the helicopter. And you know how the wind blows? It was attached to his head.

Donald: Oh, it’s my real hair. In fact, I’ve gone on some shows recently where the announcers jump and touch it and say it’s real. And I say, “I know, it’s real. It’s just the way I’ve combed it over the years, and I guess I shouldn’t change.”

Here’s another one…

Howard: You don’t drink?

Donald: No. Never had a drink. That’s one of my good things. Never had a drink, and I never had a cigarette. Other than that, I’m a disaster.

Okay, last one…

Howard: It’s a sad day (9/11 anniversary). But you’re one of those guys who said to keep investing in New York, and people are doing it, right?

Donald: They are. I don’t think it’s ever been better. I guess it has a lot to do with interest rates being so low. But it also has to do with the fact that people want to buy a piece of the Big Apple. They really do. I’ve never seen it like this.

You get the gist.

One of my good friends calls Trump, “Johnny Freakin’ Hyperbole”.

And immediately after he said that, I had to look up the meaning of “Hyperbole”. My friend definitely reads more than me, so his lexicon is better than mine.

But after I learned the definition, I realized that Trump is a walking-talking sales letter.

He uses really simple words. And he uses them in really short sentences.

He also repeats himself constantly. So what he says sticks in people’s heads. He’s like a broken record that people are tired of listening to.

And everything he says, it has to be larger than life.

Let’s say you’re listening to Trump at a press conference describing the U.S. economy…

In reality, the economy is not doing bad at all. It’s not ideal, and there have been dips in the stock market every couple of months, but it’s not like it was 10 years ago.

But Trump would say, “The economy is doing great. Really great. Never better. Everyone agrees!” Something to that effect.

Yes, there would be some built-in hype and probably a few lies, but what else would you expect from a politician?

Alright, so enough about politics. On-to the subject of marketing. When you read your sales copy or the content you publish, what does it look like?

Are the sentences short and easy to read?

Do you repeat all the good stuff early and often?

Do you describe things Bigly? Try not to lie, but try harder not to be boring either.

I don’t know if the books history will call Trump a successful president, but he definitely has a way with words.