Spending thousands of dollars just to repeat a single word over and over again

As you can probably guess from visiting my site, I’m kind of into marketing.

One of the downsides of that is on a daily basis, I  constantly get bombarded with Facebook and YouTube ads targeted to me selling Biz Opp courses.

These are ads selling courses on how the average joe can make money…

  • Starting an Amazon FBA business
  • Starting a Shopify store
  • Starting a Social Media Marketing agency

Just like the Gold Rush, more money was made selling shovels and mining equipment than actually finding gold itself.

But in the Age of Social Media Biz Opp, there are now pages and channels that are dedicated to calling BS to Biz Opp courses and products.

Some of them are kinda entertaining.

One of these channels is BallerBusters on Instagram. This channel calls out so-called “gurus” who peddle Amazon FBA and Forex trading courses and labels these guys as scam artists.

Another is a YouTube channel called Coffeezilla. The channel exposes some of the more notable names like Tai Lopez, Sam Ovens and Dan Lok and exposes them as frauds.

Some of these guys are downright liars and hacks, just trying to sell to anyone with a credit card.

However, there are real business owners out there who absolutely swear by guys who sell Biz Opp courses and genuinely like them because it helps them improve where they’re at professionally.

One is my all-time favorite podcasts is Your Mom’s House with stand-up comedians Tom Segura and his wife Christina P.

A few months ago they had Grant Cardone on as a guest. Some people can’t stand Grant. They think he’s shady and a loudmouth. He also advertises everywhere, he’s always on YouTube and always selling something like his real-estate fund or his online sales training courses.

However, both Tom and Christina, couldn’t get enough of Grant. They talked about his core business philosophies and his message to people who’re motivated. It was an overall positive interview.

Now I’m also part of a Facebook group called Smart Leverage run by Sean Vosler. Sean has made a lot of money doing affiliate marketing, working with JV’s and sells his own book on Copywriting.

He has also done work with names in the Biz Opp industry like Lewis Howes and Tai Lopez.

There was even a thread that discussed Sam Ovens consulting course and how well it worked for members of the group.

And that comes to my main point…

Who you’re selling to is as important as what you’re selling.

One example of this is Transcendental Meditation.

Now I’m not big into meditation or yoga. It’s just not my jam. But that’s just me. I’m more into taking long walks and listening to podcasts.

Basically, here’s the Reader’s Digest version of Transcendental Meditation (Or TM) for short…

  1. You sit in a quiet room by yourself and clear your mind of all your thoughts (which is so much harder than you think. Try to spend 20 minutes not thinking of anything and forcing thoughts out of your head).
  2. You repeat a single word to yourself that is basically meaningless so it doesn’t trigger any thoughts.

Now, there are videos on YouTube heavily criticizing TM.

I watched one YouTube video with a guy ranting and raving about how you shouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars just to have a TM master teach you to repeat one word to yourself.

That it’s highway robbery and a sham.

And that gurus in the TM community were actively trying to censor people trying to expose them.

However, one notable fan of TM is stand-up comedian Tom Papa. He has mentioned it twice on 2 different Joe Rogan podcast episodes. He claims it changed his whole life, and that he’s more relaxed and at peace with himself.

Now is Tom Papa a fool for spending that kind of money? That depends on your perspective.

For him, spending $1,000 or more to learn TM is worth it because he’s already interested in meditation, willing to learn more and he doesn’t mind spending a little bit to learn more.

So as you navigate the online world that we live in now…

As a business owner, salesperson and marketer, you ultimately want to find your ideal and unique customer who is qualified to buy, and repel anyone who would not benefit from your products and services.

This is why my home page starts off with, “Who is your customer?”

If you sell a Copywriting book to business owners who’re already selling an existing product and have funnels in place, that will lead to a successful customer relationship.

Same thing with selling a $1,000 TM course to someone who’s already interested in yoga, relaxation and mediation.

You want to sell to people who are already interested…

To people who’re already actively trying to solve their problems with similar solutions…

And lastly to people who don’t see price isn’t a big deal. If you have a choice, you should choose to sell to the dedicated few rather than the unmotivated many.