Howard Stern’s secret sauce for shooting straight to the top

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big Howard Stern fan. I’m also a huge fan of his business model.

In a world where there are hundreds of comedians offering free podcasts, you have pay a monthly Sirius XM bill if you want to listen to Howard’s show.

As much as I love Joe Rogan’s show, I think Howard does much better interviews. That’s just my opinion.

Howard and his team do a lot of research before he talks to a single celebrity. He uncovers stories and secrets that the average person couldn’t even Google.

That’s what businesses should be doing. Most of them should be doing extensive research in their market, but they don’t. So they get average results.

Towards the end of last year, Howard and Robin were reminiscing about all the radio stations they were worked at before they hit it big.

Just like in his movie Private Parts, when Howard and Robin both worked at a radio station in DC, it became #1 in the ratings.

After that, they went to WNBC in New York. Despite all the epic fighting with executives that’s shown in the movie, that station became number 1 in the ratings too.

Howard made the following comment on his radio show recently and I’m paraphrasing:

“I love how we used to go into these markets, become #1, leave to go someplace else and then the radio station would crash and burn.”

In Private Parts, Howard had a major turning-point in his career when his wife told him he did a really funny show when he was 100% honest and just himself on the radio.

After that, he evolved and grew into the shock jock that he’s known for.

With Howard out of his comfort zone, he said more and more outrageous things, which got him more attention.

Which got his show more ratings.

Sure people didn’t like what he had to say. Neither did his bosses. He certainly painted a target on his own back. But he also got raving fans in the process that couldn’t stop listening.

And that should be your ultimate goal in business. You should strive to get as many raving fans as humanly possible.

However, that requires you to get outside your comfort zone. Stuff that most people don’t want to do.

You see this in just about everything.

How many people don’t want to write emails people actually want to read. They don’t want to put themselves on video or express an opinion that might not be popular.

They’d rather just hide and send 100 cold emails a day, or buy an ad that doesn’t work. And then they complain how they don’t get anywhere, or how hard it is to get customers.

They want to stay in their comfort zone more than they want to go outside of it. For fear of who knows what.

But outside the comfort zone is where all the money lives.

It’s also where the competition is not headed, so it’s all the more reason to go there.