Buying Facebook ads to use the laziest marketing method

Have you ever seen a Facebook ad, and you just know it was someone’s first ad?

Everyone knows what a typical Facebook ad looks like. It’s got:

  • Some sort of hook for a headline
  • A video or a photo to draw you in
  • A couple good first sentences to make you want to read more

But then a pizza place about a mile from where I live posted an ad and it got my attention recently.

Here is the whole ad:

Wednesday April 29th thru Sat. May 2nd.

Feeds a family of 4

Stuffed shells

– 6 meatballs or sausage

– Toss salad

– Bread $29.95

Ziti with Vodka sauce with chicken

– Toss salad

– Bread $29.95

Seriously, that’s the whole ad. Nothing more.

Listen, I love simple. But that ad is just pure laziness.

And I’m sure Facebook was happy to take their money regardless of whether it performed well or not.

The ad doesn’t have a single headline or visual and includes absolutely no compelling copy.

It doesn’t consist of a single story or attractive hook.

And forget about even offering a freemium or any type of lead magnet.

That’s completely out of the question. Apparently writing this ad was too much work for them. They don’t even post a phone number or a website at the very least.

In its favor, I actually saw a few comments where locals were actually interested.

That’s the only positive side, and it’s not much. I’ve seen Facebook ads where the comments are vicious and the business owner is completely ripped apart. In my opinion, this pizza place got off easy.

I don’t know where this business is financially, but my wife told me there were maggots in the restaurant when she ate there once, if that’s any indicator.

But if I was a marketing consultant giving them advice, I’d say Facebook ads aren’t for them.

I’ve seen better pizza marketing with just a colored flyer and some coupons.

Maybe check out some offline methods and find out what other pizza joints are doing.

At least studying their competition would be a first step in the right direction.


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