In a world where entire platforms are getting banned

I’m not big into reporting trends and news, but this got on my radar recently.

I guess US legislators are looking to ban TikTok.

Some influencers who have a huge following on either YouTube and Instagram absolutely detest TikTok and want nothing to do with it.

Personally, I think TikTok is kinda entertaining. It’s got some funny videos, even though you hear the same rotation of a dozen songs over and over.

Honestly, I don’t know the reason for this. There are a bunch of reasons out there floating around, all speculation at this point.

One is that, it’s a Chinese app, secretly collecting data.

Another is it reveals military locations when soldiers use it.

Another is it reveals information about famous people, that can be used for social engineering.

Honestly, who knows if it’ll be banned here.

But the fact remains, you can’t truly rely on just social media platforms to build and maintain your business. Because for all the people who built their following on TikTok because it was the newest app, will go away.

Thankfully, I have seen some users who try to move their viewers to their own email list by using funnels. Not a whole lot of users do this, but it’s ridiculously smart.

Because when a platform decides to flip a switch in their algorithm, and it buries your content…

Or in this case, an app just gets totally banned, you should have a backup plan as insurance.

And in all these cases, an email list is your Ace in the hole.

Is it a lot of work to set up a funnel pointing to an email list? You bet. Anything that’s worth doing is never easy.

For every disaster, you need an escape plan, so let your audience escape somewhere that’s a safe haven for you and them.