When do you stop sending direct response mail?

I’m lucky enough to have Verizon Fios, so I have fiber internet. To my knowledge, my internet and TV has never had an outage, and it never lags.

*Okay… Super flex over*

But since I got Fios, Spectrum has been sending me mail nonstop with offers on their “lowest price” internet. Every week, I get postcards, letters and even fake plastic gift cards with their latest and greatest offer.

Here’s my honest question? Is it dumb for Spectrum to keep sending me mail? I don’t have an answer for this, I just really want to know more than anything.

Do they keep sending me mail in the hopes that one day I’ll get sick of my fiber provider and come running back to them?

Or are they just sending me mail because they have to keep acquiring new customers and they want to have their bases covered on the mail front.

If I had to guess, I’d say it was the second option. And I’m not a fan of this option. There’s always going to be a percentage of people who will never buy from you as long as you live.

But what could they do? Well, they could develop a new offer and sell it to people who are already customers.

You think big clunky telecom companies couldn’t do this because they only offer TV, internet and phone, but they absolutely can and they do find extra ways to drive revenue all the time.

A recent example of this was I just got an all-black brochure from Verizon Wireless. All it says is “Your monthly bill, lower” in bold white font.

And they were trying to sell me something, but it wasn’t some neat gadget or a money-saving plan. They offered their own version credit card, and their incentive was to take a little bit off my  bill every month.

Do I want this credit card? Honestly I’m kinda thinking about it. Do a lot of companies do this already? Tons. But it was smart of Verizon Wireless to send me this because:

  • I already own multiple credit cards
  • I have decent credit that isn’t in the toilet
  • I’m already a customer

Bottom line is they didn’t just throw a bunch of low-price offers my way. They knew I was a customer already and probably did a soft pull on my credit score to see if I was qualified.

I know Spectrum is a big dumb company, and I’ll never convince them otherwise, but they shouldn’t play a game they’re never going to win. Instead they should learn to play smart and find out where the easiest wins are.