Just how hard is it to cold call?

From time to time, I’ll check out YouTube videos of people cold calling.

Sometimes I watch those videos for nostalgia since I don’t cold call anymore.

There was one clip that came up on my feed. Some guy was cold calling prospects for his social media marketing business.

And on the first call, the guy scheduled a meeting with a prospect.

And he couldn’t believe it. He didn’t think he would schedule a meeting on the first try.

He was super happy of the outcome of that call.

That’s wonderful and all, however…

Scheduling one meeting is just the first step.

If you haven’t had a sales job, let me give you some insight.

Getting new customers from cold calling is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

I had to make a ton of calls just to schedule one appointment.

I had decision-makers hang up on me.

Told me “No” before I even got a word in.

I’ve had secretaries give me every reason why a decision-maker wasn’t available.

Seriously, I’ve heard it all.

And that’s just getting a first meeting with someone.

I’ve gone to meetings and gotten completely ghosted.

Either the decision-makers didn’t care about keeping the appointment…

Or never showed up to begin with.

Sometimes I met with someone who completely lied and wasn’t the decision-maker at all.

They’re just sitting in-front of you just to get a price.

And only when you follow up with them, you find out they have to get approval from someone else.

Sometimes you meet with a business owner, and you find out there’s nothing you can do for them.

Sometimes you meet with someone, and you could 100% solve their problem for them, and it makes total financial sense.

The “Stars are aligned” essentially.

But for some x, y or z reason, they stil don’t buy from you.

And now you need to find another buyer.

The somewhat good news is if you cold call, you will get a sale eventually.

But by then you’ve spent so much time, wasting your time with the wrong people, tire-kickers, and just getting strung along…

By the time you actually make a sale, you find out the hard way that the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze to begin with.

Thank God we got this thing called the internet these days.

Still, prospecting can be hard.

There’s still a decent amount of rejection and B.S. that goes around.

And nothing that’s worth it comes easy.

But at least you can form relationships with real people who kind of give a crap about you.

And getting the word out gets easier and easier.

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