The time I started to get smart about B2B prospecting

In my last email I talked about what it was really like to cold call.

Basically my days were busy as hell.

If I wasn’t hammering the phones, I was driving out and meeting prospects.

If I wasn’t actively talking to new people, I was following up trying to chase down deals I sent out.

It was a vicious cycle. It basically boiled down to I’d be on the phone all day, or I’d be in the car all day.

But honestly, I just felt completely drained everyday.

But I took one step out of cold calling Hell towards smarter marketing.

You see, I had this list of emails I was collecting of business owners I met.

And I had the idea of sending them an email newsletter every week to follow up.

And one week, I put together an informational article.

For the life of me, I couldn’t even tell you what it was about.

But I wrote the email, and pressed send.

A few days later, a business owner I had been chasing for a year and a half called me out of the blue.

He was one of the first prospects I met, but I could never get ahold of him.

He called to tell me that he just purchased a new phone system, but his brother was moving into a new office building and needed to get set-up.

He gave me his brother’s number, I called him and boom, instant qualified appointment.

I met him at his new office space, talked with him for about a half hour and he signed a new purchase order.

I’m sure that first email newsletter came down to good timing and luck, but it really showed me the power of marketing.

And it sure beat hammering the phones for hours on end.

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