You don’t have to buy from Tai Lopez, but he’s definitely worth studying

A new Tai Lopez ad came up on my feed a few weeks ago.

I gotta be honest. When his face first appeared on those YouTube ads with him in his garage, the nice cars and the hundreds of books in the background, it didn’t really keep my attention much.

I thought it was different, but nothing to write home about.

Tai kept preaching, ‘Knowledge is key’ or ‘The more you learn, the more you earn’ yada yada.

Which by the way, totally isn’t true. My brother-in-law has a useless doctorate and my sister has a masters from the same grad school.

Combined, they make the same amount my wife and I do with only one bachelor’s between us. I think it’s a safe bet that knowledge isn’t the key to success.

Now I can’t make any judgements on any of Tai’s courses. I’ve never purchased any of them or taken them. Therefore I can’t speak to what he offers or his results.

I just know the guy is kind of a living meme in the online marketing world.

And yet, I think he’s kinda on to something.

Below is the ad that I noticed.

And I didn’t screenshot this. I took a picture of my laptop screen. That’s why the photos are blurry.

I keep it real here.

With the stores he name-drops, they’re no small mom-and-pop stores.

But right out of the gate, he uses authority to establish himself.

And the very first offer you see he frames as an exclusive offer, which is you have to sign an NDA in order to talk with him about this opportunity.

Once I clicked on the landing page, the offer was very clear and distinct. The headline was down to business, with a promised result of e-commerce success stories, and getting in on the action.

It’s also a bold guarantee if you think about it. None of these businesses that Tai listed are making the piles of money they once were.

I just drove past a Pier One Imports in my home city the other night and they are liquidating all their inventory.

I love how he puts Zoosk, as one of his “brands”. It is true that he started Zoosk, but it wasn’t a major dating site back in the early 2000’s. I always saw Zoosk ads on sites like EbaumsWorld back in the day.

But still, even Zoosk serves as an example of social proof and nonetheless builds up Tai‘s credibility.

What’s interesting is Tai is selling an investment opportunity.

Kind of like Grant Cardone does with Cardone Capital. It’s no coincidence that they’ve both done business together, and of course they both sell the same stuff.

And on this site, it drives you to a calendar to book a call with one of his guys.

But wait! There’s more.

As you know, once you get on these guys’ radar, you don’t get off.

Here’s just one example of an ad I get re-targeted for.

And he comes right out of the gate with, ‘For those who thought I was faking it…’

Which is a great first sentence because Tai attempts to overcome the objective that is already on peoples’ minds that he’s just a charlitan.

This ad is actually for an online ads course he’s selling. It’s completely separate from the investment opp site he promoted.

Even before you click on his sales page for his course, he lists a ton of benefits on what to expect.

Did you happen to notice?

‘The 5 second intro hack for your YouTube videos’

I wonder if it involves rented super cars…

Just kidding.

But throughout his sales page, he keeps re-introducing the fact that he’s invested in big brands recently. This might seem a bit repetitive but it’s okay to repeat yourself with different wording. It’s just another way to establish your credibility.

Throughout the page, he continues to give more of the benefits of what he’s offering, and he lists the expected results.

And of course he addresses the obvious ad we all know and love him for.

And countless people have made fun of it.

H3H3 even did a reaction video about it.

Later on in the letter, he mentions his ad spend. This is another major authority flex. If he’s spent $300 Million on ads, which includes retargeting visitors, it means he’s making a hell of a ROI.

Oh, and he includes a bonus that he claims was just added!

Not like you always need to include a bonus offer, but it doesn’t hurt here and there.

You might think Tai is a joke, and on some level, even he knows he’s making larger-than-life claims. But his ads and his sales pages include simple principles you can transfer to your marketing as well.

For Tai’s sales pages, click below:

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