How the End of America VSL creates a bone-chilling future to boost financial newsletter subscribers

I kept hearing about a VSL called End of America, so I decided to check it out.

The first thing I noticed is that VSL is over an hour long. There is no live footage, or a hand in the background drawing sketches. Most of the thing is literally black text on a white screen, and as simple as it could be.

For some reason I had in my head that Agora created this VSL, but that’s not true. The video is narrated by Porter Stansberry of Stansberry Research, who kind of sounds like Dr. Drew in my honest opinion.

First, Stansberry throws up a red warning before the VSL. I’ve seen copywriters use similar intros to pre-frame their VSL with different images and even use a different voice from the VSL narrator.

Towards the beginning, Porter talks about a bigger threat that is coming, one that is so big it will dwarf the 2008 financial crisis. While he establishes his credibility in the first 5 minutes, he paints a little bit of a dark future with our comfortable way of living completely gone.

Hmmm, rioting in the streets? Sounds familiar.

Porter does give a hint that this next looming crisis has to deal with the U.S. Treasury, but that’s all we get in the first few minutes.

Rather than use big, economic terms or examples, he breaks the whole thing down into simple, and easy-to-learn terms that the average joe can understand.

What Porter does in the first 10 minutes is establish a sense of certainty more than anything. He states he knows this disaster is bound to happen, so much so that he’s willing to put his entire professional reputation on the line.

One tactic that copywriters use is using a bold promise to get people to buy-in or pay attention, and that’s exactly what Porter has done.

And he believes this will happen in the next 12 months, giving readers a sense of urgency.

The irony of this VSL, is this was made in 2011, almost 10 years ago. And although, we’re in a recession right now, it’s not nearly at the level that Porter is predicting. So anyone could make the argument that this is a little outdated.

But anyone could make the counter-argument that this VSL is so evergreen, that you could use this today, and Porter’s sales letter would still perform well.

When Porter starts to explain the crisis, he introduces what’s called the World Reserve Currency, which is totally true.

Without a lesson in economics, basically the rest of the world uses our U.S. dollars to buy goods throughout the world. It’s one of the reasons a Starbucks Frappuccino doesn’t jump up to $15.00. The reason it’s the world’s reserve currency is because the U.S. is a larger nation, mostly productive and is honest. China, Russia and India are big nations, but they are insanely more corrupt. And our biggest competitor for the world’s currency, China, just shit the bed by starting a global pandemic. 

For more info on this topic that isn’t Porter Stansbury selling you something, watch this video.

Porter also references Britain as a form of social proof at one point having the world’s reserve currency.

Then Porter tries to make you imagine a world where prices are doubled and basic needs are scarce. Again, it hasn’t happened in the U.S., but that’s not stopping you from picturing it in your head.

He keeps injecting social proof here and there throughout the video. This slide lists all of the counties that this has happened to already, and that the U.S. might be next.

Some of these examples include:

  • How local governments are selling assets like real estate to generate cash
  • How certain countries have just stopped accepting U.S. dollars
  • How some places are accepting other currencies such as euros and pesos
  • How good and silver are rising in value

So after introducing all this proof of how the U.S. currency will eventually fail, Porter gives some shred of hope of how he’s protecting his own money.

He first states that if he’s wrong about this crisis, there is still an opportunity to make a ton of money.

Next, he offers 4 free special reports with different investment opportunities folks can use to protect their assets. He builds up each of these bonuses individually and uses social proof of how they can help to protect you against the doomsday crisis he just built up in the last 45 minutes.

Like any good bonus, Porter assigns each of these special reports a dollar value, but states, he wants to personally send you a copy “absolutely free”.

Porter even teases the World’s Most Valuable Asset in a Time of Crisis. The asset that he claims has helped generations of families such as the Gates and Schwab to preserve their wealth.

Spoiler alert: This asset is owning Farms.

Porter finally gets to the whole enchilada. He offers an entire year’s worth of financial newsletters and all of his free special reports included at $49 per year.

With all this information, he promises to deliver updates with government regulations and proven strategies of how subscribers can protect their money.

And of course, what’s a VSL with an iron-clad 100% money-back guarantee?

To analyze this whole VSL, he’s selling newsletter subscriptions, but that product isn’t exactly sexy like a luxury car or a health supplement.

So he builds up a problem in peoples’ minds. The big problem is the U.S. dollar is highly unstable, and it’s the government’s fault.

Porter doesn’t introduce his offer right away. He starts with free, by offering his complimentary special reports one-by-one.

Then, at the tail end, he offers his newsletter subscription service, which sounds like an impressive bundle offer, but instead of selling it at full-price, he only offers it at half-price.

To watch the End of America VSL in its entirely, here it is.

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