But I want to do the super special wave

I was at a board meeting last week. One secret to networking is joining and volunteering on different boards.

However, the downside is keeping yourself entertained during those meetings, because they are formal and stiff as hell.

Towards the end of the meeting, when I was super-excited to throw on my coat and peace out for the rest of the night, everybody started talking about what was going on in their personal lives.

And one girl sitting near me proudly announced that she officially “joined the club” because she bought a new Jeep.

And upon hearing this, I immediately felt bad, because I knew there was nothing I could do to save her.

Now about a year ago, I even thought about buying a Jeep myself. But after some research (which people rarely do), I quickly abandoned that idea.

  • The miles per gallon is low
  • If you’re buying a Wrangler, barely any features come standard
  • They don’t last long after 100,000 miles
  • The only things you can do well with a Jeep compared to other SUV’s is off-roading and climbing rock walls, which I don’t do

So no thanks! I decided to buy a CRV and ride it to 200,000 miles.

But one of the main reasons people buy a Jeep is because they can join this exclusive club of Jeep owners.

First off, there are actual Jeep clubs where you can join, meet up with other Jeep owners and ride around together.

Then there are all the special add-on’s, accessories and mods you can buy.

But last and not least, there’s the exclusive, super-special two-finger Jeep wave that you can do when you drive around and see other Jeep owners at the helm.

You can’t do the wave if your daily driver is Kia Sorento. You’d find yourself on the outside looking in if you’re rockin’ that.

Now, I’m a guy and unlike women who blow their money on hundreds of stupid items, men blow their money on big-ticket stupid items. And 9 times out of 10, that big-ticket item just happens to be a much nicer car. I speak from personal experience.

But look…

If it’s been your life-long dream to own a dream vehicle of your choosing like a Jeep or a Corvette, I get it.

I’m not going to stand in the way of someone’s dream or big goal.

But if part of your reasoning to buy a car is just because of the name…
(Unless it’s a Harley. It takes real balls to ride a motorcycle)

You’re a special kind of normie and conformie, who has been brainwashed to the point where there is no hope and no return.

And look, I have close friends and family who own Jeeps. Not knocking on Jeeps at all.

My step-sister’s partner just bought a new Jeep Gladiator truck and it’s fuckin’ dope. They also live in a cabin off a dirt road in the middle of nowhere in Nebraska, so there’s that.

But I do know people who bought a Jeep and they don’t even off-road or go anywhere adventurous.

And it’s all a big giant show. These are the types of people who can barely afford a $500 monthly payment but their top tier priority at the dealership is getting the right photo opp with their new whip.

But my hat is off to Dodge, the company that built a community with a loyal following, all from a vehicle with 4-wheel drive.

And it is loyal. In fact, jump on the Gram and search for Jeep Tattoos. It’s depressing.