The never-ending question of how often to send emails

There’s an on-going debate that keeps popping up.

And that question is how often should you email your list?

And there’s basically 2 camps. One camp is you should email your list as often as you can.

And the other camp is, you should email your list, but not too often. Only email your list when you have something really valuable to share. This side’s argument is too many emails are already  passed around, so if you send more emails, they’ll just get lost in the shuffle.

This latter argument is primarily driven by fear.

The fear is if you send too many emails, your list will unsubscribe in droves right after you immediately hit the “send” button.

And once they leave your list, they’re be gone for good. And then the fight to continue to grow your list will be an endless uphill battle.

But this fear of sending too many emails, is completely nuts!

Too many emails? Thousands of videos get uploaded to YouTube every single day. And no one complains about that!

In fact, there are some YouTubers, who I can’t wait to hear from everyday, simply because I love what they have to say.

And 9 times out of 10, it’s because they’re just entertaining to listen to.

However, in the past I’ve subscribed to some YouTubers who I absolutely loved, but they stopped uploading to their channel regularly shortly after the ad-pocalypse.

For example, I was a huge fan of the reaction videos that H3H3 uploaded. But then they slowly stopped. Instead they wanted to focus on their podcast which copied Joe Rogan’s.

And I get it. When the ad money stops coming in, why invest in something that isn’t making money? But there are other revenue streams besides ad money.

Hell, H3H3 even started their own clothing company. They could at least advertise their clothing on the backs of more reaction videos.

I’m also subscribed to Sirius XM, and listen to Howard Stern on a regular basis. If it were up to me, I would listen to Howard everyday.

Except, Howard isn’t on the air everyday. He’s on the air Monday thru Wednesday, and then Sirius just repeats those 3 days worth of shows for the rest of the week.

Not to mention, he’s in his sixties and he also takes entire weeks off on a whim. Then I have to wait until he gets back just to hear new material.

So on the flipside, you might not be a celebrity or a social media influencer, but you might have ideas that are so good that other people want to hear from you more often than just every week.

And if you happen to have something to sell in those emails, that’s fine too.

If people like you and agree with you, they’ll definitely support you too.

So from here on out, when you’re writing an email, you should never feel gun-shy with the “send” button or the “sell” button.