The other virus that’s currently number one in the country

Aside from the Big C, there’s another pandemic that’s sweeping the nation.
I was walking into the family room one night and my wife was watching a show called Tiger King on Netflix.

It had this eccentric guy named Joe Exotic, who had a bleached mullet, crazy shirts and owned a zoo full of Tigers. And he was spitting venom about a lady named Carole in Florida, who wore nothing but tiger print clothing.

It had my attention but 5 minutes in, I was like, ‘Why is this guy Joe in Jail?’
And my wife said, ‘Because Joe put a hit out for Carole.’

At the time of writing this, the show is currently the number one show on Netflix.

When I started watching it, I was hooked immediately. We mowed through 3 episodes in one night.

There are shows on my list I haven’t even started to watch yet. And yet with this show, I could not wait to watch another episode.

Now, I try not to go on Facebook for too long just due to its overall negativity, but I have noticed some of my friends have stated that they have no interest in Tiger King.

Here’s the thing about Joe Exotic:

  • For one thing his name is Joe Exotic
  • He’s got a mullet
  • It’s a bad dye job
  • He carries a gun
  • He’s loud
  • He has strong opinions and he’s not afraid to share them

Even in an age where there is more video than we know what to do with, he definitely cuts through all the noise.

Above everything else that’s on the surface, the guy is also 100% authentic, which that by itself will attract a ton of attention.

Just look at Bernie Sanders. I hate his policies, but people love him because he is the most authentic presidential candidate.

Always, my point is Tiger King doesn’t play it safe by any means.
And yet the majority of business owners out there just want to play it safe.

They would rather lock themselves in their store or office and would refuse to put themselves out there until they were completely out of business.

  • They don’t want to send rounds of emails every week because they’re afraid people on their list will unsubscribe
  • They’re afraid to put themselves on YouTube because they’re afraid of comments from people they’ve never met
  • They’re afraid to say anything too controversial because they don’t want to piss someone off

I could go on.

All I’m saying is don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. You don’t even have to change your hair style.

The option of not putting yourself out there is actually more harmful to your business, simply because you aren’t getting the word out.

Even if you have a mullet and wear pink sequenced shirts, a good portion of the people that stumble upon you aren’t going to care either way.